Interviewing the Right Way!

Do your nerves kick in on your way to an interview? Don’t worry, that’s totally normal, but let us help you ease your nerves with these simple steps for success.

You’ve probably read many interview tips in your lifetime but until you focus on mastering them, they won’t be useful.

You were chosen for the interview so now it’s your time to shine! Your ultimate goal is to go into an interview prepared, well dressed and ready to engage.

Be Prepared: Your first step to being prepared is to know the location before your scheduled interview and on that day, arrive no more than 15 minutes early. Second is to thoroughly research the company, practice common interview questions and most importantly, come up with two or three questions to ask at the end of the interview. Third step to ensure you’re prepared is to bring something to write with, your interviewer will tell you things that you’ll want to remember. If you jot down important notes, you’ll have an easier time sending a thank you note to your interviewer after you’ve left.

Dress the Part: Looking the part will allow you to nail that first impression because after all, research shows people you meet form an opinion about you within just 10 seconds. Regardless of the company’s culture, you should always dress your best and show you’ve put in the time to impress them.

Come Ready to Engage: An interview is not a one way conversation, it is very much a two way conversation. If you are engaged, your interviewer will be engaged, too. Be aware of the quality of your voice, grammar and confidence. If you are confident, it will show!

Lastly remember:

  • Clean up your social media. Make sure there is nothing online you wouldn’t want your interviewer to see.
  • Be authentic, upbeat, focused, confident and concise!
  • Leave your baggage at home! Don’t talk about your health, family, time off needed etc during the interview!
  • Don’t talk negatively about yourself, your former co-workers or former employers.
  • Be yourself!

SharpLink Staffing, LLC is always happy to help with interviewing tips – we want to help our candidates succeed. For help – give us a call at 856-582-2353 or email!