Don’t give a bad impression during your interview

Don't give a bad impression during your interview

Asking the wrong questions during an interview can indicate you are not interested or have baggage that the employer isn’t interested in bringing into the workplace. Most of these questions should never be asked in a job interview, and some questions should be saved until a job offer has been made. Check out the bad impressions you may give the interviewer when you ask these questions: Bad Impression: You Are Lazy and/or Not Interested in the Job What does the person in this job do? What are the requirements of the job? What does this company do? These questions seem to show that you didn’t read the job description, or, if you read it, you don’t remember anything about it. […]

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Interviewing the Right Way!

Do your nerves kick in on your way to an interview? Don’t worry, that’s totally normal, but let us help you ease your nerves with these simple steps for success. You’ve probably read many interview tips in your lifetime but until you focus on mastering them, they won’t be useful. You were chosen for the interview so now it’s your time to shine! Your ultimate goal is to go into an interview prepared, well dressed and ready to engage. Be Prepared: Your first step to being prepared is to know the location before your scheduled interview and on that day, arrive no more than 15 minutes early. Second is to thoroughly research the company, practice common interview questions and most […]

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There’s business casual and then there’s….

Today someone came into the office to scope out job opportunities wearing gym shorts and a stained t-shirt.  He had a baseball cap on and it looked like he just rolled out of bed. We had the candidate fill out a job application and we spoke to him for a few minutes about what he’s looking for.  He told us he was just fired from his last job and needed to find something new.  His phone was going to be shut off and he complained about everything under the sun. Great first impression, right?  While, SharpLink isn’t the hiring manager or the actual company you would report to for work every day, here are some basic principals about looking for a […]

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