no call, no show

No Call, No Show Employees

I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for my absence. I realize that by not coming in to work and failing to call ahead of time that I disrupted the performance of you, my coworkers, and the company at large. It was disrespectful and unprofessional behavior and I am very sorry for any stress, delays, or frustration this caused you and the rest of the team.

I will not offer any excuses for my absence. Next time I will call ahead and explain the situation thoroughly so that you are not put in a difficult position. I promise that you will not see this lapse in judgment on my part again.

I will never understand workers who use the no call, no show.  This term refers to the workers that do not call in when they aren’t going to work.  The No Call, No Show is often considered the absolute pinnacle of job irresponsibility, and something that, in many cases, triggers immediate termination.

Urban Dictionary defines this as the funniest and least responsible way to quit ones’ job. What is funny about it?  No matter whether it’s a service job, a manufacturing job or some other type of position, just failing to show up lets co-workers down and impacts the operations of the business.  Not to mention, you are burning a bridge to employment.

Most employees are conscientious about at least filling in an employer on the details of an absence, either while, before it happens, or at the beginning of the work day or prior to the beginning of the shift. That’s because many people who work in teams understand that a no-call, no-show affects everyone else who’s trying to make the business work at the same time.

Is No Call, No Show Ever Acceptable?

Not calling because you didn’t think anyone would answer or you didn’t know who to call is unacceptable.  It is your responsibility for making sure you have a phone number of someone to contact – even if it is a voice mail. If you couldn’t call because of an emergency, then call immediately after or have someone else call and be sure to provide appropriate documentation to soothe things over with your employer.

Bottom-line, there are not acceptable excuses for No Call, No Show. Be a grown-up, call your supervisor and communicate your situation.  Honesty goes a long way.