How to find a “real job” with SharpLink Staffing

So, you need a job.  You have searched the job boards, you have applied for some places, you have talked with your friends but the only thing that seems to be turning up are jobs with temporary staffing agencies.  You don’t want a temp job – you want a real job, you want a good job.

Let’s take a look at the perceptions and the ways SharpLink works with their candidates and clients to help you in achieving your goals.

#1: You can’t get a “real job” through a staffing company, only a temporary position.

Reality: SharpLink Staffing can provide you with a “real job” even though it may be on a temporary basis.  Many of the SharpLink customers are utilizing their workers on a temp-to-hire basis, meaning that after a period of time these positions can be permanent!  In 2016,  over 25% of the temporary workers – that is 1 in 4 jobs filled converted to a permanent position with the company SharpLink sent them to work for!

#2: Jobs provided by staffing companies don’t pay as well as if you would have obtained the job on your own.

Reality: Your pay is not dependent on how you acquired the position. Employers value your work and want to compensate you for the time that you put into their company.  There is also NO cost to work with SharpLink. In fact, we offer career counseling, resume help and interview coaching as part of our process.

#3: Placement with a company only lasts a short period, most likely a few weeks.

Reality: It all depends on the assignment. You could be placed in a position that lasts a few weeks or a job that lasts a few months or longer.  You just need to let the SharpLink staff know what you would be open to doing. Sometimes the short-term jobs turn into long-term gigs – you just never know!

#4: The positions offered through staffing companies are meant for entry level workers.

Reality: In today’s job market, companies use staffing agencies to fill all types of positions. SharpLink is booming for candidates in all fields and industries. From warehouse to higher level executive work, staffing agencies have massive job opportunities.

#5: Temp agencies don’t care about me, they only care about their clients.

Reality: SharpLink recognizes that in order to be successful, there has to be a rapport based on trust and integrity with BOTH client companies and candidates. We want you to feel valued and fulfilled in your position just as much as we want our clients to be pleased with our efforts.  SharpLink works hard to understand what you want to do and we truly want to help you get a job, so when you come in and meet with us, we are happy to answer questions and will certainly help you prepare for the interview.   Additionally, Our job doesn’t end once we place you on your assignment. You’ll hear from us to make sure all is going well and you are enjoying your new position.

Do you have questions about how SharpLink can help you in your search for the right career opportunity? Visit our website to learn more about working with us.