Never Worked With a Staffing Firm? Here’s a Quick-Start Guide

Why use a staffing agency? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to do it ourselves?  If you haven’t worked with a staffing firm in the past, you could be missing out!  From recommending top candidates to offering advice on controlling staffing costs, your recruiter can be your best ally in improving recruiting, retention, and productivity outcomes in the coming year.

If your 2016 resolutions include “improve our hiring!”, here’s where to start:

  1. Choose a firm that knows your local industry and the staff you need. Generalist staffing firms boast large pools of candidates, but the size of the pool can make it difficult for your recruiter to pinpoint the individual you need. Instead, choose a staffing firm that works in your local area and that specializes in providing the type of staff you need. To fulfill these goals, your recruiter will have developed a deep knowledge of your local industry, your top competitors, and the best talent and “rising stars” available.
  2. Communicate with your staffing partner often. The more your staffing partner knows about your company’s culture, values, and goals, the better he or she can recommend candidates who will offer a great “fit” – improving productivity and long-term retention. Don’t forget to talk to your staffing partner when you’re making hiring plans, when there’s a major culture or values shift in your workplace, or simply to “touch base” about a candidate’s performance.
  3. Don’t be afraid to talk costs. The costs of staffing make up the largest single line item in many business budgets. Your staffing partner is familiar with a wide variety of methods for controlling staffing costs without sacrificing quality. Whether you need temporary help on a specialized project or are seeking ideas on how to keep your compensation packages competitive, your staffing firm can help.
  4. Follow up. When your staffing firm recommends a candidate, the best thing you can do is follow up. Both good and bad impressions of the candidate are encouraged! Every insight you can give into why a candidate does (or doesn’t) work for your company helps your recruiter find the person you’ll love to hire.

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