Pitman Staffing Companies

SharpLink Staffing is the workforce management choice for businesses looking for Pitman staffing companies. Our office is located right here in Pitman, and we provide temporary staffing needs to keep business running at minimal costs. At SharpLink, we are a family- and woman-owned business that has been serving the needs of South Jersey businesses since 2015. Our goal is to bring you the best candidates for your production needs.

SharpLink understands that it’s people that make the difference, in both our clients and our candidates. Our screening process is very thorough, and dedicated to presenting only true finalists that are ideal fits for a position. We conduct professional background checks and drug screening through outside firms, and we employ a top notch communication system that enables us to reach hundreds of top candidates in minutes.

Below are the types of services we provide for businesses in need of Pitman staffing companies:

Office Administration. We develop candidates that can handle back office needs such as invoicing and cash flow or clerical needs. We take the time to find candidates with strong oral and written skills, and word processing skills as needed.

Industrial and Labor Needs. We find candidates for labor positions with skills in manufacturing, quality control or truck loading and delivery. Our labor candidates have industry experience, and we can staff employees with needed certifications.

IT and Logistics. For companies in need of programmers, material handlers and help desk operators among other skills, we offer candidates with appropriate experience. Our experienced candidates have skills in ERP and MRP software if needed.

Legal Assistance. SharpLink can staff paraprofessionals for legal firms, enabling law firms to focus on the practice. We hire paralegals, notaries and clerks with the essential education and skills for recordkeeping needs.

Whether you own a company and need temporary help to get through a busy time, or you’re a skilled worker seeking a position with a top company, call the offices of SharpLink Staffing today. We look forward to bringing the right people together for success.