Spice Room Scaler

Job ID: 721
Location: Swedesboro
Employment Type: Contract
Pay Rate: $12.00 per hour

We are seeking a Spice Room Operator AKA Dry Ingredient Handler, Batching, Scaling, or Blending Operator for 1st and 2nd Shift. The hours are Monday - Thursday
1st shift -  9:00 am - 5:30 pm (10 hour shifts)
2nd shift - 2:30 pm - 1:00 am (10 hour shifts)

All employees assigned any work on the production line are expected to follow Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) guidelines and to follow work procedures. It is important to communicate and work as a team. Attention to detail and proficiency in math are very important. 


  1. Gain knowledge of each ingredient, its specifications and allergen status.
  2. Check that batch sheets are available for each item for the day.
  3. Scale spices into recipe spice blend kits. 
  4. Verify each ingredient is properly weighed and staged for each item.
  5. Follow process steps exactly as on the batch sheet, pay attention to detail.
  6. Assure all staged items are covered to avoid contamination.
  7. Verify each ingredient has been added.  Properly label each spice blend. 
  8. Notify QA of any ingredient concerns or food safety risks.
  9. When scheduled work is complete clean the work area and properly label and seal containers to return into inventory.  Contact material handlers to return all items to proper storage location.
  10. Other duties as assigned.



·         High School diploma or GED equivalent

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