Maintenance Mechanic

Job ID: 570
Location: Lumberton
Employment Type: Contract To Hire
Pay Rate: $20.00 per hour

We are looking to fill a Maintenance Mechanic positions with one of our growing clients!

The role of the maintenance technician covers performing all maintenance functions related with electrical systems, and power generation distribution in line with safety operations and maintenance principles to guarantee the smooth functioning of the production facility
The following are the job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for operating, changing over, setting, and repairing packaging equipment, combining equipment, and providing support for the workings of auxiliary equipment
  • Responsible for setting up power supply; conduit and wiring for currently installed equipment and machines, including programmable controllers, while adhering to blueprints, electrical ethics, utilizing voltage tester and hand tools.
  • Performing maintenance functions on relays, UPS, distribution network, breakers, switches, motor contractors.
  • Perform replacement on diagnosed faulty electrical elements of machine including motors, relays, and switches; and set-up sensing mechanism
  • Carry out diagnosis and ensure replacement of pneumatic, mechanical, hydraulic components of equipment and machines which are faulty
Job requirements:
  1. Experience of at least 3 years with outstanding troubleshooting and technical aptitude
  2. Excellent communication ability
  3. Experience in Automation
  4. Possess strong electrical and mechanical abilities
  5. Must be able to use basic tools and machinery
  6. Ability to schedule and balance priorities; and possess a strong adherence to deadlines
  7. Sufficient familiarity with schematic and electrical, diagrams/illustrations
  8. Understanding of safety, health, and environment regulations

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